I’m Bananas for You – Adorable Monkey Valentine – Tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • light brown, dark brown and pink cardstock
  • banana candy or banana flavored candy
  • plastic bags for candy
  • Stapler and Glue Stick (or whatever adhesive, glue dots, double sided tape, etc)



With the dark brown cardstock, cut one 3.5″ circle and two 2 inch circles

With light brown cardstock, cut out a 3.5″ heart,  3.5 x 2.5 oval, and two 1 inch circles










Glue the light brown 1 inch circles onto the center of the dark brown 2 inch circles to make the ears








Glue the heart to the large circle










Add Oval











And Ears










Write out I’m bananas for you on pink cardstock.







Staple to a bag of banana candy



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