9 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This year, get crafty with your kids and make your own Valentine’s gifts they can give their classmates, teachers, grandparents, siblings, and anyone else that’s special in their lives. Here is a list of 9 DIY ideas that your kids will love:

Bumpy Love Bug 



This adorable love bug is made with Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots. Here’s how to make them!

Pixie Stick Hearts


An assortment of mini paper stock hearts they can hand out to their friends. Learn how to make them here!

Valentine’s Day Pencils


These sparkly pencils are a quick and easy option. Get the how-to here!

Valentine’s Day Fingerprint Tree


You can make a beautiful art piece wusing just your fingerprints. Learn how here.

Valentine’s M&M Butterfly Treats

Crafts that involves chocolate candy are always a great idea. You can learn how Limor made these here!

Rainbow Heart Suncatchers


These heart suncatchers are so cute you’ll want to keep up all year long. Here’s how you can make them!

Handprint Heart Card


Skip on the expensive greeting card and make some together! Learn how here!

Valentine Paper Bag Books


I would’ve never imagined to make something this cute with paper bags. Get the instructions here.

Valentine’s Crayon Hearts


All you need is the leftover crayons lying around the house. Here’s the tutorial!



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