7 Big Game Snacks That Will Feed Your Whole Party

Everyone knows that the best way to keep friends and family happy during the big game is making sure the food never runs out.

So, I put together this all-star lineup of game-day snacks that is guaranteed to keep the crowd fueled and cheering through all four quarters of the game.

Loaded Tater Tot Skewers


Better make a few of these because it’s hard to eat just one! These skewers can be paired with your favorite ranch dip or sour cream.  Get the recipe here!

Sloppy Joe Sliders


Mini sloppy joes are the perfect way to keep the sloppy between the buns (and off your couch!)           Get the recipe here!

Jalapeño Popper Garlic Bread


Who could say no to these warm slices of cheesy bread with an extra spicy kick? Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Nachos


Impress your guests by simply warming up your nachos for a couple of minutes and adding some fresh, colorful ingredients on top. Get the recipe here!

Mini Corn Dog Muffins


Add a fun twist to a classic recipe with these corn dog muffin bites. Done in less than 20 minutes — with simple, inexpensive ingredients that the kids will love. Get the recipe here!

Taco Crescent Ring


It’s amazing what you can do with a refrigerated crescent roll. Just roll out the crescent triangles and layer on your choice of taco fillings for the ultimate crowd pleaser. Get the recipe here!

Chicken Green Chile Football Empanadas


These football-shaped empanadas are sure to make an impression on your snack table. All you need to make the shape is a circle cookie cutter to cut out 4-inch rounds on the edge, and a fork to make the slits! Get the recipe here!



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